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Note: Some parts of the thesis have been superceded by the paper on Coordinate Structures and the Givenness Paper listed above!

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Presentations and work in progress

Wagner, Michael (2021). Toward an alternative(s) syntax: Projecting and operating over syntactic alternatives. Colloqium Talk at Michigan State University, October 14 2021 [handout]

Anttila, Arto  & Michael Wagner (2021). What is deaccentuation? Targeted Collaborative Debate at GLOW 44 [slides]

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Wagner, Michael (2021). The syntax and prosody associated with German gender gaps. Short talk at Amlap 2021 September 3 [abstract] [slides] [osf]

Wagner, Michael (2021). Why predictability is not predictive without a linguistic theory and a theory of processing. The case of external sandhi. Talk presented at Universität des Saarlandes, July 15 2021. Reporting on joint work with Oriana Kilbourn-Ceron and others [slides]