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Experimental and Theoretical Advances in Prosody
700 Clark Hall, Cornell University, April 11-13 2008

Below you find the conference schedule. You can register for the conference here.
Titles and abstracts for the poster sessions are listed here!
More information about the conference can be found on the conference website .

There is a also a booklet with the program program including all abstracts and restaurant information.
You will get a hardcopy of it at the registration desk, but you may want to peruse the .pdf before that...
FRIDAY, April 11, 2008

8.30-9.30am Registration and Breakfast

Session Chair: Bob Ladd
9.30-10.00 am The Role of Production Factors in Acoustic Prominence
Duane Watson, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
10.00-10.30 am Default Phrasing and Relative Clause Attachment
Sun-Ah Jun, UCLA
10.30-11.00 am The Intonational Interface
Mark Steedman, University of Edinburgh

11.00-11.30 am Coffee Break

Session Chair: Katy Carlson
11.30-12.00 pm Intonational Prominence: Production in dialogue, comprehension during visual search
Shari Speer and Kiwako Ito, Ohio State University
12.00-12.30 pm Prosody signals focus location, not focus type
Mara Breen (UMass Amherst), Michael Wagner (Cornell), Ev Fedorenko (MIT), Ted Gibson (MIT)
12.30-1.00 pm Why do we accent words? The processing of information structure and prosodic structure [slides]
Sasha Calhoun, University of Edinburgh

1.00-3.00 pm Lunch and Poster Session I

Session Chair: Janet Fodor
3.00-3.30 pm Can gradient phonetic distinctions convey categorical pragmatic ones?
D.R. Ladd, University of Edinburgh
3.30-4.00 pm Turning Points, Tonal Targets, and the English L- Phrase Accent
Jonathan Barnes (Boston University), Alejna Brugos (Boston University), Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel (MIT), & Nanette Veilleux (Simmons College)
4.00-4.30 pm Empirical perspectives on prosodic structure: A theoretical appraisal [slides]
Laura C. Dilley, Bowling Green State University

4.30-5.00 pm Coffee Break

Session Chair: Mark Steedman
5.00-5.30 pm The role of prosody in constituent ordering
Arto Anttila, Matthew Adams & Mike Speriosu, Stanford University
5.30-6.00 pm Role of Prosodic Phrasing in Content and Function Word Pronunciation
Celeste Kidd & Florian Jaeger, University of Rochester

SATURDAY, April 12, 2008
9.00-9.30am Breakfast

Session Chair: Shari Speer
9.30-10.00 am The relation between syntax and phonetics is indirect: The case of contrastive focus prosody [slides]
Elisabeth Selkirk, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
10.00-10.30 am Contrastive utterances make alternatives salient: Evidence from cross-modal priming [slides]
Bettina Braun & Lara Tagliapietra Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen
10.30-11.00 am A corpus search methodology for focus realization [slides]
Mats Rooth & Jonathan Howell, Cornell University

11.00-11.30 am Coffee Break

Session Chair: Lisa Selkirk
11.30-12.00 pm Predicting and detecting prosodic prominence
Dan Jurafsky, Stanford University
12.00-12.30 pm Comprehension and resynthesis of duration and pitch in ambiguous words
Angela Isaacs & Duane G. Watson, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
12.30-1.00 pm Phoneme restoration methods reveal prosodic influences on syntactic processing.
Iglika Stoyneshka, Janet Fodor & Eva Fernandez Cuny

1.00-3.00 pm Lunch and Poster Session II

Session Chair: Sun-Ah Jun
3.00-3.30 pm Brain signatures of prosodic phrasing and (in-)transitivity biases
Karsten Steinhauer, McGill University
3.30-4.00 pm The effects of prosody on the listener's representation of the speaker's thoughts: The functional localizer fMRI approach.
Evelina Fedorenko (MIT), Lillia Cherkasskiy (Stanford), Steven Piantadosi (MIT), Jonathan Scholz (MIT), & Rebecca Saxe (MIT)
4.00-4.30 pm Electrophysiological correlates of intonational phrase perception in infancy and childhood: How necessary is syntactic knowledge?
Claudia Maennel & Angela D. Friederici Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig, Germany

4.30-5.00 pm Coffee Break

Session Chair: Jennifer Cole
5.00-5.30 pm Prosodic Boundaries and Focal Accents in Processing Ambiguous Structures
Eun-Kyung Lee & Susan Garnsey, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
5.30-6.00 pm Prosodic Phrasing and Syntactic Attachment
Katy Carlson, Morehead State University

7 pm Conference Dinner at Olivia's

SUNDAY, APRIL 13, 2008
9.45-10.00am Breakfast
Session Chair: Duane Watson

10.00-10.30 am The role of syntactic structure in guiding prosody perception in spontaneous speech [slides]
Jennifer Cole, Yoonsook Mo & Soondo Baek, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
10.30-11.00 am The Role of Prosodic Packaging in Sentence Interpretation
Masako Hirotani, Carleton University
11.00-11.30 am Testing the Relative Boundary Strength Hypothesis
Jesse Snedeker, Harvard University

11.30-12.00 pm Final Discussion

Some places to eat in downtown Ithaca and college town can be found here!